The orange juice will make you sick….

…Buuuuuuuuuuuut only if you drink three glasses of it with four enchiladas, two breadsticks, a bowl of fruit, and three (okay four) cookies.

YOU GUYS, It’s a lie! The orange juice? Totally okay! It’s Minute Maid orange juice, (hahaha), and I tried it and was fine! Some of the Elders, who eat like I described above, get sick because… WOW that is a LOT of food! So if you go to the MTC and love orange juice, GO FOR IT!

minute maid OJ

(Michelle was warned by several missionaries NOT to drink the orange juice in the MTC because they had gotten sick after drinking it. She no longer thinks the OJ was the cause of their getting sick to their stomachs….)

Anyway, small rant over, this week was really good! I forgot to bring my journal to the computer lab, so I will try to remember what happened this week so far…

First, I LOVE my district. I think I forgot to mention that last week, but they are awesome! Our Elders and Zone Leaders especially are so wonderful and act on the promptings of the Spirit.

(MTC districts are groups of ten missionaries led by two district leaders. A missionary zone, led by two zone leaders, is composed of several districts of missionaries. They are grouped together in classroom and teaching situations. Sister Tryon’s dormitory room is shared by three pairs of Sisters. She and her companion Sister Breckenridge are both assigned to serve in the Florida, Jacksonville Mission. )

girls in zone

Sister Tryon with the sisters in her entire Zone


Sister Tryon her companion Sister Breckenridge

Sisters Northrup, Livingstone, Thurman and Skousen

Sister Tryon’s roommates at the MTC

(The last four are headed to Federal Way Mission in Washington)

 Ahhhhh I had a comfort blessing this week from my zone leaders and it just made me cry (what else is new?!). I am so thankful for them and their being worthy priesthood holders. It just stopped my fears right in their tracks, and now I am doing way better. So that’s really nice!


District outside the Provo Temple

Ah so this week we’ve been teaching our “investigators” more, and finished teaching them. We’ve been teaching our MTC teachers, Sister Soliai (as Lena) and Brother Craw (as David), as well as members of our Church who volunteer at the MTC to give us teaching experience. One of them is a RM (returned missionary) who asked us questions after every sentence, which I do believe are ones that she encountered on her mission. It was a big learning experience on teaching investigators how to find answers to their own questions, simply by praying!


District with Brother Craw (center back)

District with Sister Soliai (lena)

District with Sister Soliai (the pregnant lady in the striped top)

Ahh other than that, we also watched Elder Scott’s funeral service this morning.

richard g scott

We were also able to go to the Temple to do some sealings (as children, not spouses). It was a wonderful experience! I never thought I would love to see this Temple (The Provo temple has never been as visually/architecturally appealing to Sister Tryon as other temples of designs she finds more beautiful), but when your world consists of the cafeteria and the classroom, it’s so beautiful! Also I LOVE the mountains right now!

Girls in my district. Me, Sis. Breckenridge, Sis. Nish, and Sis. Mather. Sister Mather is going to Macon, but the rest of us girls are going to Jacksonville

So… my flight tomorrow leaves SL at 7:10. I might be able to call beforehand? Not sure yet…But I have a calling card, and we have a layover in Atlanta from 12:45 to 1:50 (I think in their time, so more like 9:45 for you? I think?). We’re flight 1123 Delta to Atlanta and 2297 Delta to Jacksonville. So I might call the home phone! Because I can only call a few numbers.

tryon and Breckenridge

Sister Tryon and her MTC companion Sister Breckenridge

Sister Tryon and Sister Breckenridge Map

Jacksonville, here we come!

Additional pictures of Sister Tryon with other missionaries from her MTC district

unimpressed with ugly faceSister Nish and Sister Tryon

nish and tryon

(Clicking on each individual picture on the blog page will bring up a bigger image for your viewing enjoyment.)



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