I WANT Cookie NOW!!!!!!

I’m sorry that the title doesn’t make sense yet. You just have to read to the end. Or if you just want an awesome spiritual thought, look towards the end of this email! I’m sorry it’s long! If there’s anything I learned from AP classes, it’s how to type quickly so I can write my essays in the morning after Seminary in an hour hahaha (;

This week has been something else. I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so overwhelmed and happy and anxious and terrified and just ahhhh it’s crazy!

First off, I LOVE the MTC (Missionary Training Center)!
Of all the places I could be right now (other than at home or rooming with Emma) it is the best. As soon as I got here they rushed me along with my bags and I didn’t even have time to cry! It was crazy! But good! It was good that they kept me busy because WOW otherwise I would still be a mess…

Michelle entering MTC 3

The Spirit here is so strong! Like, to the point that I’m spiritually and physically drained every single night! It’s crazy! Like, I wish I had allowed myself to feel the Spirit more at home because I am so drained by it! I’m finally starting to get to the point that it’s becoming normal and I’m more tired from getting only 8 hours a sleep a night. Which is super nice to have scheduled. But it is a new thing to be up from 6:30 or earlier sometimes to 10:30 or later sometimes. And studying constantly in between.

So, as far as the young men and the food, I think it’s delicious. You should totally try to find an MTC Loaded Baked Potato Soup recipe online because I could eat that until I popped. I was quite tempted to try actually! Hahaha (: But yes, the food is really good here! It definitely gave my stomach some aches the first two days (though those may have just been related to anxiety…). Also while the food is delicious, it totally makes everyone a little bit gassy, but that’s okay.

My companion is super nice! Her name is Sister Breckenridge and she’s from Driggs, Idaho. She went to BYU for two years and is 20 right now. She’s super laid back, so I really appreciate that. We live in a residence room with 4 other roommates, in a room that is the same size and the room I shared with Emma. Except maybe like 5 feet longer? but yeah it’s crazy! There are three bunk beds, and we share the bathroom with all the girls on the hall! Like, there are I think maybe 8-10 showers? The horror hahah and I think 9 bathroom stalls. So it’s pretty crazy.
My District is awesome! There are four companionships of guys and two companionships of girls! Three of the girls in my group are also going to Jacksonville, and the other girl and the guys are going to Georgia (Atlanta and Macon areas).

And man the MTC is awesome!

Like, I honestly feel the Spirit almost every minute or so! So I’m like weirdly shivering every once in a while. It’s not cold it’s just the Holy Ghost giving me goosebumps!

And hmmmm as far as things I wish I had done before going into the MTC?

Learning how to teach simply is super hard! Like, we read through a pamphlet and had to teach it through the pictures. And then we taught The Restoration in 3 minutes. And then we had to teach it in 1 minute. If you can teach a pamphlet in a minute, you can easily stretch it out to as long of a lesson as you need!

I wish I had read Preach my Gospel more, and studied my scriptures more for myself. When you’re on your mission, you end up studying the scriptures for your investigators and you get less for yourself. This is definitely a work of service and love! My love has already grown immensely for my companion and the people of Florida! I’m so excited to go out and serve them!

Also haha so you know how I’m not exactly the most athletic person? Like, at all? How I used to *try* to run but it was just plain embarrassing? NO MORE! It’s crazy! I think it’s either that I’m sitting here all day or that the Holy Ghost is so strong! Like, it is so abundant here, and it is filling me so strongly that my spirit has no room! I am so full of the Spirit here that mine needs to spend energy somewhere (and that’s not me trying to be like “Ah yes I am FULLLLLLL of the Spirit, it’s just that it is literally filling me up so much that my body can’t handle it). Anyway! Back to my whole exercise thing? How I’m not athletic and am trying to like running? The other day for exercise… I ran (on elliptical and laps) for about 20 minutes, ran stair for maybe 10 minutes, used some leg workout machines, did some killer wall-sits, planks, and crunches. And I was still so full of energy! It’s amazing!

Also, so speaking of being full of the Spirit, pretty sure a part of that is that all we do is sing, pray, study, walk, eat, and sleep. Seriously. Like we sing and pray so much every day (I think at least once an hour is not more, out loud) that I’m kind of maybe starting to lose my voice! That and we teach lessons and plan them out loud and my voice is starting to go haha.

And we had a devotional last night with Lloyd Newell! The guy who does Music and the Spoken Word? He said it’s the MTC and the Spoken Word. I decided to join the MTC choir with my companion, and let me tell you, wow is it powerful! I honestly don’t know haha BUT it made me cry. We learned a song in less than an hour and performed it and it was beautiful!

lloyd newell

And after that, we were allowed to watch a film!

I highly, HIGHLY recommend watching “Character of Christ” by Elder Bednar! It is a film/talk shown only at the MTC. BUT SERIOUSLY WATCH IT!!! I loved that he pointed out that the natural man turns inward in selfishness while Christ turned outward in love and compassion! Also, you can’t beat Elder Bednar saying both “I WANT COOKIE NOW! I WANT INVESTIGATORS NOW! I WANT BAPTISMS NOW!” in the Cookie Monster voice, and then telling us “WHO CARES WHAT YOU WANT? GET OVER YOURSELF!” I loved it! I have never seen him so real and so sassy, so honest and to the point! It was wonderful! Also I am now like 99% sure that Elder Bednar and Brother Calvert would get along. He also mentioned how when people say things like “Oh my testimony is from my ancestors the pioneers and their testimonies! And then he was like “And I always think ‘Oh, that is wonderful. What have you done lately?'”I love it! Finally from his talk, he spoke about testimony, saying that a testimony will never be enough. I love this part especially: “If you are converted unto the Lord, I prophesy, I promise, you will never fall away from the Lord.”

elder bednar

You guys, God loves you. He only wants you to be happy and to come unto Him. The best way to be happy is to be obedient to Him and His commandments. The gospel literally is the plan whereby we can have peace in this life and eternal joy in the life to come!

I love you all! I’m so thankful for the letters and emails and packages that make me cry with homesickness and lots of happiness! Just a reminder that DearElder.com is so easy to use and I get the letters the day of! I miss you all! C:

Ahhh I have to go, I love you tons! Hugs to Rachel and Matt and Chris and DADDY AND KOOOOOOOODA. Also give my love to people at work (Lori/Laura/LindyLu/Tina/Pam especially, but also my other coworkers! Give my love to the Youth! Sorry if I did not get to all their questions! And I might not be able to figure out pictures today but I promise I’m taking them!


Sister Michelle Rose Tryon


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